The Prologue

Anija Parish Goverment had bought the railway station, built in 1876, over ten years ago, but they couldn't find a use for it. The old building with beautiful architecture stands empty, its doors and windows covered with planks.

Anija Muinsuskaitse Selts (Anija Society of Heritage Protection) had a memorial stone, reminiscing the breakthrough battles of the War of Indepencence, mounted on the wall of the station on 11th August, 1996. The opening of the meorial stone was attended by the former Minister of Defence, mr. Andrus Höövel.

On 4th January, 2008, the anniversary of the breakthrough battles was celebrated, with the  current Minister of Defence mr. Jaak Aaviksoo and the representatives of the Estonian Defence League, Society of War History and other organisations present. The Minister handed over to the headmasters of Kehra and Alavere schools the maps of the battles of the War of Independence.

The station building and its surrounding itself didn't take any criticism.

In March 2008, Kaarel Aruste, a member of the Anija parish council, called for a meeting with those who have shown up interest in the railway station. Other than him, those people were a renowned local historian and a member of the Anija Society of Heritage Protection, mr. Ants Miidla, and Estonian teacher at Kehra Gymnasium, Anne Oruaas. They were the persons who made the decision to found the NPO Kehra Raudteejaam. Anne Oruaas started a research on the founding and preparing the needed documents.

On 13th September, 2008, even before the official founding of the NPO a clean-up day was organised. Local inhabitants were asked to come and help through the website of the paris goverment and the local newspaper Sõnumitooja. Around 30 volunteers gathered, who eventually brought out of the station building 14 m3 of rubbish. The newspaper Sõnumitooja published an article about the event on 17th of September, 2008.