The exhibition of students' peace posters

The Anija Lions-club held an exhibition of the posters drawn by the students of Anija parish as a part of the international poster contest "Peace Begins with Me" and awarded the winners on 29th November, 2009. Students between the age of 11 and 13 were allowed to enter. From Kehra and Alavere schools, 24 posters were submitted, and all of them were displayed at the exhibition. The president of the Anija Lions-club and the treasurer Enn Pung thanked all the participants and their teachers. 

More information can be found from the article by Rain Lahtmets published in the newspaper of the Anija Lions-club Aja Leht on 6th December, 2009, and from the article by Külli Koppelmaa published in the local newspaper Sõnumitooja on 3rd December 2009.