Photograph exhibition "Kehra in past and present"

The idea for this exhibition came from the leader of the Anija Society of Heritage Protection, mrs. Urve Siil. As there is no better place in Kehra for a display of this kind, she turned to us for co-operation. Looking through piles of old photographs and finding the most suitable ones then followed. The locals were not short of photos, altough most of them have been taken of people instead of buildings or scenery. Our aim was to recreate the moments of the past by taking new photos from the very spot where the authors of the old images had been standing. Ants Miidla, Sirje Suvi, Kai Viirmann, Oskar Viirmann, Signe Arras, Malle Tanne and Marti Sepmann contributed to the event by giving us their historic pictures, and new images were taken by Ivar Neio, Anne Tanne and Joonas Tanne. Invaluable help at transport and aqcuiring of the neccessary equipment came from Toomas Tanne.

The exhibition itself proved to be a huge success. At first it was open in the railway station on 30th May, 2009, then on display in the manor house of Anija estate for two weeks, after which it was put up in the tent of the Estonian Defence League together with the advertisement film by Estonian Women's Home Defence during the Local Community Day festivities on Kehra stadium. In all three locations, the exhibition was visited by a great number of helpful people making their donations and contributing to the restoring of the old railway station.