Exhibition "Beloved Estonian items"

The exhibition that took place on 11th October, 2008, marks the beginning of re-usage for the railway station. Altough, not in its former function of a railway station but as an exhibition hall. To mark that we also hoisted the national flag on the building.

The author and the primary executor of the exhibition was the member of the board of the NPO Marti Sepmann together with his wife Dundy. They brought from their personal collection of antiques some pieces of furniture, tableclothes and Estonian-produced crystal-porcelain dating from the era before the Second World War. Also there were present postcards and old photos, journals and school books. Old books with fine binding were brought by mrs. Milvi Schmeidt.

On the walls of the central, biggest hall of the station building we put up the magnified historical photos of the town of Kehra. The photos originate mostly from Valdo Praust's and Marti Sepmann's collections, but some of them were also given by mrs. Tiina Nõlvak, whose grandfather was a railroad worker. The images were prepared by the member of the NPO, Anne Tanne.

The exhibition in the cold, unheated railway stration was open for 4 hours and during that time around 120 people visited it. Some of them came through just because the door was open. For the purpose of renovating the building 2212 Estonian kroons were donated.

It's possible to read about the exhibition in detail from the article by Külli Koppelmaa in the local newspaper Sõnumitooja from 15th October, 2008.