The Cinemabus and "December Heat" in Kehra Railway station


As soon as Anne Oruaas had seen the new film "December Heat" released in winter of 2008, she began to ponder the idea of screening it in the railway station. In order to save the audience from freezing to death, it was only possible during summertime. Making the neccessary arrangements was easier than expected, as Cinemabus was eager to come on condition that we get together at least 50 viewers. That was the exact number of people enjoying the film on the warm evening of 1st July, as the station building was filled to its limits. Many of them hadn't visited the cinema in a long time, for there is no such business in Kehra, and the viewers were really grateful. Even the rumbling of the passing trains caused no disruptions, as for most of the time it was not heard over the sounds of firearms in the film.

A huge thanks to the Anija Culture Centre for kindly lending their nice comfortable chairs, and to the neighbour mr. Štein, who let us use the neccessary electricity from his own house.


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